In Memorium...Sparky left us on August 15, 2000

Sparky's Page

Sparky on a Fire Tower on the Appalacian Trail

This page is dedicated to my dog Sparky. I had her from September 1991 until August 2000. I ended up with her after an ex-girlfriend from California visited me. The girl insisted on bringing the dog. Four days later she left without it. I'm glad for that. During our time together many girlfriends came and went but the dog remained my loyal companion.

Sparky with her puppies

Sparky was pregnant when I got her. Two weeks later she had 9 puppies. All of them survived and Sparky was a wonderful Mother to them.

Sparky with me on the Appalacian Trail

Sparky traveled with me from Key West to Montreal. We made over 20 trips together between New Jersey, Tennessee and Florida. She loved to go hiking and swimming.

Sparky in one of her "holes"

I don't want to get too sentimental, but that dog will NEVER be replaced.
God bless her.

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