Hi, I'm John Emerson.
Welcome to my PERSONAL INFORMATION page.

I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey, in the Lake Hopatcong area. I am the oldest of 4 children. My parents separated when I was 12. When I was 14 my Mother moved with the kids to St Petersburg, Florida to be near her family. I lived there for the next 11 years, attending high school and college. When I was 25 I moved to the West Coast, spending most of the time roaming around and soul searching in California. After 2 years I returned to Florida to complete my Bachelor's Degree and Black Belt. I began graduate school but quit after 2 years. By that time I had been in college for 10 years and could not take it anymore ( I had accumulated over 200 credit hours). Besides, I was 31 years old! College life is great, but I needed to move on. For many years I experimented with various professions, all of which yielded little success. Finally, I opened my own LAN cabling business in 1995 with the help of a friend in New Jersey. That move paid off. For the next few years I was back and forth between Florida and New Jersey. I finally decided to "settle down" (sort of) and bought a house in New Jersey not too far from Lake Hopatcong and also got married to a woman from Indonesia who I met on the net. After 7 years in New Jersey I decided to abandon the rat race so I bought an old house in Pennsylvania and relocated. I have a beautiful daughter named Jasmine.

As you can see on my homepage, I am a chameleon. Long hair, shaved head, business suit, torn jeans. However I look, if you see me in public, you'll recognize me!!!

Much of my life revolves around working out. I have been a martial artist since 1982. I was a triathlete from 1992 to 1998. I have strength trained since 1993 to improve my performance in all sports and LIFE! I also enjoy cycling, hiking, and rollerblading (mostly in New York City!)

Accordingly, I am a sports FANATIC!!! I love football, hockey, baseball, basketball, auto racing, tennis, track and field, boxing, MMA, you name it! My favorite teams are the Buccaneers, Devils and YANKEES!!!

I sing Karaoke at various locations in northern New Jersey and NE Pennsylvania whenever I get a chance. My repertoire is wide and ranges from love ballads to rock n roll (See "Karaoke Page").

I enjoy traveling. When someone asks me if I've been somewhere the answer is either "Yes" or "NOT YET!!!" I have visited 39 states thus far. I plan to visit all 50. I have also been to Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Singapore. I love New Orleans. I have been to 4 Mardi Gras'(92,93,94,98) and 2 Jazz Festivals(95,96). I have been to 3 Bike Weeks (95,96,98) and over 10 Spring Breaks in Daytona. I love all kinds of music. I have been to over 200 concerts (See "Photo Album" page).

Obviously I spend a lot of time on the "net". I am sort of a computer "geek," but the coolest one you'll ever meet!

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