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As you can see, my website is very out-of-date. When I first started this website back in 1998 the internet was a much different place and I had a lot more time on my hands. With all of the things going on in my life and all of the innovations that have swept over the internet I have decided to take the easy route and at least temporarily abandon updating this site. From now on I will be using Facebook for my personal/family related postings/pictures and MySpace for all Martial Arts related business. They are so much easier to update and maintain that I am almost forced into using them. I strongly encourage you to use them as well. I will be leaving this site up for archival purposes and may change a few things every once in a while as time permits. Thanks for your understanding...John

To Reach me on Facebook click on the link below:
John Emerson's Facebook Page
To Reach me on MySpace click on the link below:
John Emerson's MySpace page, Home of Integrated Combat Science

To keep track of events and seminars follow me on Twitter by clicking on the link below:
John Emerson's Twitter Page (username Workjohnout)

Click here to see me with Arnold Schwarzeneger

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Indonesia Trip 2008 Pictures

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