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From May 1992 until October 1997 I was a competitive Triathlete. I have participated in over 25 Triathlons, including 2 Ironman distance races (Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles, Run 26.2 miles). I am currently in retirement from Triathlon competition, but I do continue to enjoy light training in the 3 disciplines.

21 miles to go!
96 Great Floridian Ironman Triathlon


I attempted a little "comeback" in Spring 2000 in New York City. I actually trained for a triathlon that was held on April 9, 2000. The race was Rollerblade 6.8 miles, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.4 miles. However, due to a freak late season snowstorm, I decided at the last minute not to participate. Oh well, better luck next time! (By the way, 64 MANIACS completed the race!)

I figure if I do at least one race a season I can still call msyself a "triathlete". Yeah, Right!


Appalacian Trail, Vernon, NJ 1998

Delaware Water Gap, NJ-PA 1998



For those of you who don't know, Spinning is an aerobic workout performed on moveable stationary (oxymoron?) bikes in a gym. An instructor leads the group through a simulated ride with flats, hills, sprints and other riding styles. A typical workout lasts 40 minutes to an hour.

A Spin Class

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing, also called Tae Bo, Combat Cardio, among other names, incorporates martial arts movements into an aerobic workout. I personally add stretching, calisthenics, ab work, Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Navy Seal workout combinations to my classes.

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