Cerme Cave

I had heard about caves up in the hills surrounding Yogyakarta, so I decided to explore one of them. We were driven way up into the mountains to the "end of the road". From there we had to walk about a half mile uphill to the entrance of the cave. We were escorted by local guides. Once we entered the cave, it became apparent that we would get wet. It turned out that the entire cave was filled with water, varying in depth from ankles to neck, averaging about knee high. We used candles and flashlights for light. If you shined the light on the ceiling, bats would take off. You couldn't see what was in the water, either. The journey spanned 1200 meters and lasted about an hour and a half. When we emerged from the other end, we had to schlep back around the mountain barefoot on a stone road to the entrance, and then back down to the truck. What a workout! The terraced mountain scenery was nice though.

Note: I apologize for the white line across some of the pictures...that's the way they came back from the lab!

On the road below
At the entrance
Our party on their way
a beautiful flow
another flow
a flow with drapes
long flowing drapery

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