Arnold Fitness Weekend 2000

I attended the Arnold Fitness weekend Feb 26-28, 2000. The event was incredible! It included PRO male and female bodybuilding competitions, a HUGE martial arts tournament, powerlifting, arm wrestling and grappling contests, numerous seminars and the of course the magnificient expo. Let me tell you, the free sample supplements were worth 5 times the price of the $10 ticket (per day) alone! It was like trick or treating!!! During the expo, ALL of the big names of the bodybuilding and martial arts worlds were not only there but very accessible for photos, autographs and even conversations. It was my first time to the annual event but you can bet that "I'LL BE BACK!!!"

The *2* incredible hulks!
Record 8 consecutive Mr Olympia Titles!
Lou Ferrigno with the "real" incredible Hulk!
Lee Haney holds a record 8 Mr Olympia titles (consecutive)
Shootin' the breeze with the world's most dangerous man!
Ken Shamrock, professional wrestler and former Ultimate Fighting Champion
Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, former kickboxing World Middleweight Champion
The Rainmaker!!
Da MAN!!!
Michael Olijade, former Welterweight boxer and Cardio Kickbox guru
What more can I say???

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See you there!
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Created on ... September 16, 2000